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Watch Live Philadelphia Election Results Livestream, Joe Biden increases his lead over Donald Trump

Published in Latest News At November 05, 2020 By Mpasua Msonobari, 417 Views

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The US Election 2020 has been a very abnormal election to say the least. I invite you therefore to take a moment and watch some  live stream ballot-counting in the philadelphia election results  centre as Joe Biden increases his lead over Donald Trump. Just take it easy and embrace the mundane.
The live stream view below shows the inside of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where a ballot-counting stream depicts democracy happening in real time. As Joe Biden as stated in his last speech, every vote counts and hence every vote must be counted!
If you missed Joe Biden FULL Speech that he gave on Wednesday night as an Election Results update CLICK HERE to see how he brought out the 'We the People' moment!

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